Zuraida Buter (She/Her)

Playful Arts Curator | Program Curator, zo-ii

Zuraida Buter is a playful arts curator with 20 years of experience. She curates, consults and documents events, exhibitions and projects focused on playful arts, digital culture and games.
Working on different local and international projects has given her the opportunity to highlight and connect a wide range of different (game) projects and artists throughout the years. In 2020 she was awarded the Game Changer award by IndieCade (US).

She is currently the program curator for A MAZE. / Berlin (DE). She also works with Sickhouse (NL) on projects such as The Overkill Festival and Sick Gaming Trajectory.

Projects that Zuraida worked on: Playful Arts Festival, Global Game Jam, A MAZE. / Berlin, IndieCade Europe, Screenshake, Incubate Arcade, The Overkill, Playtime 20.22