Dennis Micka (He/Him)

Senior Game Designer, Guerrilla

Dennis Micka is a Dutch Senior Game Designer at Guerrilla in Amsterdam. He has been a game/level designer for about 10 years. His most recent credits includes Horizon Forbidden West, for which he designed the Cauldrons – optional player activities in the game.

During his study at the HKU (Utrecht School of Arts) in the Netherlands, he landed an internship at Guerrilla during Killzone Shadow Fall were he got a taste for AAA game development. After graduation he went indie for a couple of years, releasing the indie title called Karmaflow. When that game wasn’t the success the team hoped for, the indie team found themselves building serious games and even physical escape rooms.

When Horizon Zero Dawn released, Dennis felt the call of the AAA games industry like never before and returned to Guerrilla in 2017 at the tail-end of Horizon The Frozen Wilds to work on Horizon Forbidden West and has been working there ever since! During Horizon Forbidden West Dennis was responsible for the development optional Cauldrons and the Salvage Contracts.

Games that Dennis worked on: Killzone Shadow Fall, Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame, Horizon The Frozen Wilds, Horizon Forbidden West