Breaking barriers: How to foster diversity and inclusion in the hiring process

Julia Seifert and Sacha Blom are responsible for hiring for respectively KeokeN Interactive and Paladin Studios. They share a common goal: equal opportunity. But their approach road is wildly different. In this short and sweet talk, Julia and Sacha want to get your mind running with practical ideas on how to make your hiring process more inclusive.

Sacha will talk about candidate driven hiring. She’ll discuss how she made the hiring process transparent and how she got the Paladin team involved by creating awareness. She will also elaborate on the things she changed to reach a more diverse pool of candidates, with an emphasis on writing inclusive texts.

Julia will explain the KeokeN headhunting type of hiring; the studio pro-actively looks for talent instead of waiting for candidates to come to them. The activities range from educational programs, mentorship initiatives to partnerships with universities and other innovative ways to seek out new voices and perspectives.